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This contribution will provide a narrative account of the Kansas University paleontological expedition to the White River badlands in 1894. Led by the charismatic and inspirational teacher, Samuel Wendell Williston, the expedition included three students, Ermine Cowles Case, Elmer Samuel Riggs and Barnum Brown, each of whom would go on to become prominent vertebrate paleontologists at other institutions. This article will explore the role of fieldwork in establishing a paleontological career in late nineteenth and early twentieth century America.

In: Naturalists in the Field


The purpose of this application is to conserve the well known generic name Nothosaurus Miinster, 1834 for a genus of sauropterygian reptiles by giving it precedence over the subjective synonym Conchiosaurus Meyer [1833], which predates it by a few months. The genus Nothosaurus is known from the upper Lower to uppermost Middle Triassic of Europe and the Middle East. The type species, N. mirabilis Münster, 1834, was first described on material from the lower Upper Muschelkalk (Late Anisian) at Bayreuth. The genus Conchiosaurus is known from a single incomplete skull from the Saurierkalk of Esperstädt (Germany), which corresponds to the base of the Middle Muschelkalk, Upper Anisian.

In: Amphibia-Reptilia