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In Malay Court Religion, Culture and Language: Interpreting the Qurʾān in 17th Century Aceh Peter G. Riddell undertakes a detailed study of the two earliest works of Qur’anic exegesis from the Malay-Indonesian world. Riddell explores the 17th century context in the Sultanate of Aceh that produced the two works, and the history of both texts. He argues that political, social and religious factors provide important windows into the content and approaches of both Qur’anic commentaries. He also provides a transliteration of the Jawi Malay text of both commentaries on sūra 18 of the Qur'ān (al-Kahf), as well as an annotated translation into English. This work represents an important contribution to the search for greater understanding of the early Islamic history of the Malay-Indonesian world.
In: Hadhrami Traders, Scholars and Statesmen in the Indian Ocean, 1750s-1960s

The rendering of the Qur’anic text into other languages is a matter of considerable sensitivity and debate, given the status of the text among the community of faithful as divine speech. This article considers this issue in the context of the Malay-Indonesian world, where Islam has been firmly established since the beginning of the 14th century. Discussion initially focuses upon surviving evidence of Qur’anic materials from the early Islamic period in Southeast Asia. Attention then turns to the rendering of the Qurʾān into the Malay/Indonesian language, according to three periods up to the 21st century. The article concludes with a discussion of translation of the Qurʾān into the regional languages of Indonesia.

In: Al-Bayan: Journal of Qur'an and Hadith Studies
In: The Character of Christian-Muslim Encounter
In: Islam: Essays on Scripture, Thought and Society
In: The Character of Christian-Muslim Encounter