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MatMan is a program for performing a variety of ethological analyses of frequency (interaction) matrices and transition matrices. These analyses include linear hierarchy indices for dominance matrices (APPLEBY, 1983), reorganization of a dominance matrix such that the subjects are in rank order, matrix correlation methods such as Mantel's test (MANTEL, 1967) and rowwise matrix correlation (DE VRIES, 1993), methods based on information theory (STEINBERG, 1977), and the calculation of expected and residual values in transition matrices with defined or undefined diagonal. In addition, MatMan offers some useful options for manipulating matrices. Import of matrices from The Observer (NOLDUS, 1991) and SAS is, within certain limitations, possible. Export of matrices is possible to the programs CORAN (1985), Vegrow (FRESCO, 1989), NCSS (HINTZE, 1987), SAS and SPSSPC.

In: Behaviour