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Segregation and Singularity

Politics and its Context Among White, Middle-Class English-Speakers in Late-Apartheid Johannesburg

Peter Stewart

As a political sociology of whites in the last years of apartheid in South Africa, this book provides an analysis of the social origins and social context of political attitudes among a sample of middle-class, English-speaking whites in selected suburbs in the city of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. It reveals that such attitudes emanated in the context of acute and continuing political polarisation, principally between black and white, in the twilight of apartheid and before the first democratic elections.
The book adds another dimension to the interpretation of class dynamics in the study of apartheid South Africa. In contrast to other studies that have concentrated on the working class, and on very restricted political and economic elites – which gives an incomplete picture of class dynamics – this book considers the impact of the middle classes in shaping the history of apartheid South Africa.
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William D.P. Stewart, Peter Rowell, Malcolm Hawkesford, Maria Jose A.M. Sampaio and Annaliese Ernst

The ability of various cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) to fix N2 is now well established. The most studied unicellular N2-fixing form is Gloeothece; about half the non-hetero- cystous forms fix N2 anaerobically, and heterocystous forms usually fix N2 aerobically and anaerobically. Cyanobacterial nitrogenase is little different to that of other N2- fixing prokaryotes, and the enzyme is extremely O2 sensitive. This O2 sensitivity can be partially overcome by H2; the reductant source for nitrogenase is fixed carbon from the vetative cells and H2 utilized by an uptake hydrogenase in heterocysts can also support nitrogenase activity. There is evidence that Φψ may be involved in regulation of nitrogenase activity. ATP can be generated by photophosphorylation and respiration in heterocysts, and the primary route of NH+ 4 assimilation is the glutamine synthetase-glutamate synthase pathway. Characteristics of purified glutamine synthetase from heterocystous and non-heterocystous cyanobacteria are presented. Possible interrelations of vegetative cells and heterocysts with respect to N2-fixation are briefly considered.

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