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Peter W. Flint

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Even though the earlier debates of the twentieth century have subsided, questions concerning the composition and genre of Daniel, the social setting of the work, its literary context, and its theology persist. Because of the Dead Sea Scrolls discoveries and advances in understanding the history of transmission, Daniel has found a new generation of scholars interested in its place in the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Collins and Flint have assembled a stellar international team to review the state of Danielic studies and the hot issues surrounding them. Of the thirty-two essays, only one has previously appeared. Articles on Second Temple Judaism, theology, apocalypticism, and the New Testament afford the foundational resources scholars require for doing their own detailed analysis.

Book of Daniel, Composition and Reception Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 are also available as set (isbn 0 391 04137 1)

Book of Daniel, Composition and Reception Vol 1. (isbn 90 04 11675 3) & Book of Daniel, Composition and Reception Vol 2. (isbn 90 04 12200 1) are also available as hardback and together as as set (isbn 90 04 12202 8)