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Philip G. Ziegler

The confession of faith in the lordship of Jesus Christ may be considered the originary practice of the Christian life. As such it recommends itself as a primary site at which to investigate the relation between the agency of the Holy Spirit and human activity. Focusing on 1Cor. 12:1–3, which identifies the act of the Spirit as the sine qua non of Christian confession, we examine its importance within the theological setting of Paul’s apocalyptic gospel in order to illumine classical Reformed debates about the nature of faith and ‘effectual calling’ in relation to the act of publicly confessing faith in Christ. Recognition of the Spirit as the present power of God’s eschatological reign, militant to shape reality, to win and secure faith, and to move women and men to a free creaturely acknowledgment of the same, proves essential to understanding the act of confessing the faith.

Editor-in-Chief Philip G. Ziegler

Brill Research Perspectives in Theological Traditions presents extended essays addressing the current research into the theology and doctrine of Christianity’s diverse traditions as well as similar bodies of thought in other religious traditions. In each issue—typically fifty to one-hundred pages in length including annotated bibliographies – expert scholars map out the current field of research and provide a state of the art account of the subject. Our authors provide historical overviews of important developments, discuss influential theological figures and their ongoing reception, as well as analyzing contemporary debates about the history, present state, and emerging future of specific confessional theological traditions. Brill Research Perspectives in Theological Traditions is an invaluable resource for students wishing to become and stay current with the latest research concerning the wide-range of Christian and other religious traditions, as well as a dynamic and expert resource for students of theology, history, and related fields.

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