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In: Steno and the Philosophers


The Bible is an essential reference for all of Spinoza’s writings, but it is above all in the Theological-Political Treatise that the philosopher engages in an analytical examination of the biblical text. Among the various “prejudices of the theologians” that Spinoza proposes to amend and eliminate with his Treatise, the erroneous belief relating to the “true writers of the holy books” appears to him to be among the most radical and widespread. The attribution to Moses of the first five books of the Bible had already been called into question by other authors, who had identified various inconsistencies in the texts, linguistic problems, and semantic difficulties. I present here an interpretation of the differences in Thomas Hobbes’s and Spinoza’s thinking on the crucial point of the Mosaic authenticity of the Pentateuch.

In: The Philosophers and the Bible
In: Disguised and Overt Spinozism around 1700
In: Translatio Studiorum
In: Translatio Studiorum
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Brill authors Leen Spruit and Pina Totaro discovered the original manuscript of Spinoza's "Ethica" in the Vatican library. This spectacular discovery attracted a lot of media attention.

The Vatican codex, which contains the complete text of Spinoza’s Ethics, is the only surviving manuscript of this work and constitutes a document of great importance. On 23 September 1677, it was handed over to the Roman Holy Office by Spinoza’s former friend Niels Stensen who had converted to Catholicism in 1667. Thus, it predates the publication of the Opera Posthuma, which is dated 1677, but which did not in fact appear until the first months of 1678. Recent research and fresh documentation allow us to determine the several stages of the manuscript’s life before it reached Rome, where it was kept in the Archive of the Holy Office, and subsequently, transferred to the Vatican Apostolic Library, in 1922.
In: Spinoza to the Letter
In: The Vatican Manuscript of Spinoza’s Ethica
In: The Vatican Manuscript of Spinoza’s Ethica
In: The Vatican Manuscript of Spinoza’s Ethica