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In: Flavius Josephus
Author: Pnina Stern


The autobiographic work of Flavius Josephus Life of Josephus (further Life), which focuses on the man Josephus, was exceptional in the Jewish literature of that time. An inquiry into the structure of Life, its components, contents, and the way Josephus described himself both as an individual and as a public figure indicates that Josephus wrote his autobiography in a manner that would suit the social and political criteria of the Roman society, within which he lived when he wrote this work. Josephus’ explanations of Jewish concepts in Life and the findings of our inquiry show that he intended his work to be read mainly by foreign readers, and moreover, that he wanted to be perceived as a positive public figure fitting the standards prevailing in their culture.

In: Journal for the Study of Judaism
An International Josephus Colloquium met in Haifa on 2 - 6 July, 2006. It gathered scholars from Japan, Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Britain, Israel, and the USA who represented different disciplines: bible, history, Judaism, and archaeology. The connecting structure of all the participants was the ancient Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. The fruit of this meeting is presented in twenty four articles and an introduction. Flavius Josephus: Interpretation and History is a multi-disciplinary collection of research on Josephus, the man, the historian, his era, and his writings. It will be of great use to scholars as well as the general public, who take an interest in the literary work of one of the most controversial figures of his era.