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The Chinese Journal of Environmental Law (CJEL) publishes international, comparative, and national research and reviews concerned with environmental law and policy. While CJEL presents leading work from or concerned with China, other Asian regions, and the developing world at large, the journal’s geographic coverage is unlimited, and its scope is intentionally broad. It encompasses diverse areas of international, regional and national environmental law, including biodiversity law, climate change law, energy law, environmental assessment, marine environmental law, natural resources law, planning law and pollution law, as well as institutional developments such as environmental courts, and compliance and enforcement issues.

Online submission: Articles for publication in Chinese Journal of Environmental Law can be submitted online through Editorial Manager, please click here.

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Tianbao Qin and Ben Boer

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Ben Boer, Colin Mackie and Tianbao Qin

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Benoit MAYER, Ben BOER and Tianbao QIN