Author: Róisín Healy
From 1872 to 1917 legislation banned Jesuits from Imperial Germany. Believing the Jesuits sought to control the social, political, and religious realms, the Protestant bourgeoisie championed the ban and promoted a politics of paranoia against the Jesuits. By exploiting widespread fears of the "specter" of Jesuitism, Protestants pushed their own confessional, nationalist, and often liberal agenda. Author Roisin Healy charts the path of anti-Jesuitism against the background of society, politics, and religion in Imperial Germany. The core of the book is evenly divided between an analysis of the political struggle over the passage, gradual dilution, and eventual repeal of the Jesuit Law and the main themes of anti-Jesuitism: the order's internationalism, moral theology, and scholarship. This book will interest all scholars of modern Germany, particularly those specializing in religion, nationalism, liberalism, and political mobilization.
In: Britain and Poland-Lithuania
This edited volume examines the experience of World War I of small nations, defined here in terms of their relative weakness vis-à-vis the major actors in European diplomacy, and colonial peripheries, encompassing areas that were subject to colonial rule by European empires and thus located far from the heartland of these empires. The chapters address subject nations within Europe, such as Ireland and Poland; neutral states, such as Sweden and Spain; and overseas colonies like Tunisia, Algeria and German East Africa. By combining analyses of both European and extra-European experiences of war, this collection of essays provides a unique comparative perspective on World War I and points the way towards an integrated history of small nations and colonial peripheries.
Contributors are Steven Balbirnie, Gearóid Barry, Jens Boysen, Ingrid Brühwiler, William Buck, AUde Chanson, Enrico Dal Lago, Matias Gardin, Richard Gow, Florian Grafl, Dónal Hassett, Guido Hausmann, Róisín Healy, Conor Morrissey, Michael Neiberg, David Noack, Chris Rominger, Danielle Ross and Christine Strotmann.
In: Small Nations and Colonial Peripheries in World War I
In: Small Nations and Colonial Peripheries in World War I