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Australian chelonine wasps have been poorly studied and yet they are a common feature of the continent’s braconid fauna. Phanerotomella Szépligeti has previously been considered to be a small genus known from three described species for Australia. However, recent intensive collecting reveals a more species rich fauna. Here we undertake a systematic revision of Australian Phanerotomella and, in so doing, redescribe the three previous species (P. longipes Szépligeti, , P. minuta Zettel, and P. sculpturata Szépligeti, ) and describe 18 new species; P. ashmeadi sp. n., P. brevivena sp. n., P. castanea sp. n., P. curtogaster sp. n., P. dentata sp. n., P. dimorpha sp. n., P. discoloria sp. n., P. flavens sp. n., P. kimbaensis sp. n., P. kriegeri sp. n., P. microcellata sp. n., P. naumanni sp. n., P. nivistigma sp. n., P. obscura sp. n., P. phanerotomoides sp. n., P. pungogaster sp. n., P. szepligetii sp. n. and P. variata sp. n. A dichotomous key is included to facilitate identification of the species along with a discussion of the monophyly and distribution of the genus.

In: Insect Systematics & Evolution