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The 1994 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

Basic Documents with an Introduction by Renate Platzöder

Edited by Renate Platzöder

The 1994 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea represents an integral package of three legal instruments to provide the legal framework for the uses of ocean space from 16 November 1994 onwards: the 1982 Resolution on Governing Preparatory Investment in Pioneer, Activities Relating to Polymetallic Nodules and the 1994 Agreement, Relating to the Implementation of Part XI of the 1982 Convention.
The 1994 Convention has a chance to become universally accepted in the foreseeable future and will make an important contribution to the maintenance of peace, justice and progress for all mankind.
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The Baltic Sea

New Developments in National Policies and International Cooperation

Edited by Renate Platzöder and Philomène Verlaan

Recent developments have produced fundamental and far-reaching changes in the sovereignties bordering the semi-enclosed area of the Baltic Sea.
This book presents a comprehensive and balanced codification of issues and views, focusing on new developments in the Baltic Sea Area with specific reference to the UNCLOS 1982 Convention, the particular marine uses of the Baltic Sea, and national views and interests of the bordering states and third parties. It deals with matters such as the Kiel Canal, delimitation, dispute settlement and navigation, shipping, the ecosystem, fisheries, and scientific research.
The Baltic Sea is the outcome of a European Workshop on the Law of the Sea co-sponsored by the Law of the Sea Institute (University of Hawaii), the William S. Richardson School of Law (University of Hawaii) and the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (Research Institute for International Affairs) in Ebenhausen (Germany). This workshop is the first in a series designed to illuminate major issues in ocean law and policy which require attention on the national, regional, and global levels.
This book provides a useful basis for the consideration and further discussion of those interested in the sea and the environment, helping academics and policy-makers alike not only ascertain but also understand objectives and concerns underlying the states of the region and the reaction of other states and the international community as a whole.