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Enriching the Sociological Imagination

How Radical Sociology Changed the Discipline

Edited by Rhonda F. Levine

This book presents classical articles influencing the field that appeared in The Insurgent Sociologist, along with current reflections by the original authors. These selections reflect radical sociology’s continuing interest in capitalist development, class, race, gender, and power. The introduction contextualizes the role of The Insurgent Sociologist in the development of a radical sociology and its impact on the discipline. The conclusion provides an agenda for how the next version of critical sociology should relate to and strengthen the heterogeneous world of civil society. Never have so many prominent sociologists provided such a rare intellectual treat by being so frank about their own past work, and then suggest how we can do better in the future to provide frameworks for a critical and relevant sociology.
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David Fasenfest and Rhonda F. Levine

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Critical Sociology

Special issue volume 25 no 2/3

Edited by Rhonda F. Levine and Beth Mintz

This special issue of Critical Sociology celebrates the beginning of the journal when it was called The Insurgent Sociologist. Edited versions of influential articles that appeared in the 1960’s and 1970’s, have been supplemented by an update by the author(s). Original articles about Capitalism and Word Economy, Race and Gender, Power and Class, Labor Class and Ideology. They show the impact of the authors on sociology over the years and try to inspire a new generation of critical sociologists.