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The Character Logic of Christian Belief
The notion of a “person” is in deep philosophical trouble. And this has posed a deepening crisis for believers: Christian beliefs are, after all, irreducibly about persons. In response to this situation, Prust proposes a new way to reason about persons, one based on identifying persons as characters of action. Employing a phenomenology of action he calls “character logic,” he develops a powerful new tool for thinking through some of the intractable dilemmas that have long befuddled belief:
• Can we avoid being arbitrary and parochial in claiming that God is the only source of moral value?
• Can we reconcile natural evil in the world with God's absolute power?
• Can we continue to honor the historicity of faith-based claims in the face of critical history?
• Can our personal life be eternal when neither timeless nor everlasting life is conceivable?
• Can we accept our personal mortality and still affirm our destiny as eternal?
Wholeness: The Character Logic of Christian Belief argues that character logic shows us a reasonable way to think about persons, one that puts theology on a new footing and gives affirmative answers to all these questions!