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The relationships between wood anatomy in standing trees and the strength of boards were examined in Pinus radiata D. Don (thinned vs thinned and fertilized) at 2 contrasting sites. Fertilizer treatments were applied after mid-rotation thinning. Logs were taper sawn and boards, near the pre-treatment / post-treatment boundary, subjected to acoustic and strength assessment. Average wood property data from a 12-mm increment core obtained prior to harvest, was extracted from the relevant portion of the radius.

In general, fertilizer resulted in lower density, higher microfibril angle (MFA) and slightly lower stiffness. However, stiffness was still relatively high as the affected wood was from the more mature portion of the radius. SilviScan density and MFA data were good predictors of stiffness. Acoustic measurements on boards were strongly correlated with board stiffness. Path analyses explained up to 45% of the variance in stiffness, as a function of estimated MOE and log sweep.

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In: IAWA Journal
It is clear that the Lutheran Reformation greatly contributed to changes in theological and legal ideas – but what was the extent of its impact on the field of contract law? Legal historians have extensively studied the contract doctrines developed by Roman Catholic theologians and canonists; however, they have largely neglected Martin Luther, Philip Melanchthon, Johann Aepinus, Martin Chemnitz, Friedrich Balduin and many other reformers. This book focuses on those neglected voices of the Reformation, exploring their role in the history of contract law. These men mapped out general principles to counter commercial fraud and dictated norms to regulate standard economic transactions. The most learned jurists, such as Matthias Coler, Peter Heige, Benedict Carpzov, and Samuel Stryk, among others, studied these theological teachings and implemented them in legal tenets. Theologians and jurists thus cooperated in resolving contract law problems, especially those concerning interest and usury.
Papers from the Fourth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift
Der Band enthält die sechsundzwanzig besten Vorträge des Vierten Münsteraner Symposiums zu Jonathan Swift vom Juni 2000. Thematisch ist der Band in sieben Sektionen gegliedert: I. Theoretical Concerns W. B. Carnochan, Stanford University Swift: The Canon, the Curriculum, and the Marketplace of Scholarship Clive T. Probyn, Monash University, Victoria “Convict of lyes is every sign”: Jonathan Swift and the Everyday II. Biographical Problems Bruce Arnold, Dublin Jonathan Swift: Some Current Biographical Problems Nora F. Crow, Smith Colleg, Northampton, Massachusetts Swift in Love J. A. Downie, Goldsmiths’ College, University of London “The Coffee Hessy spilt” and Other Issues in Swift’s Biography João Fróes, São Paulo, Brazil Swift’s Life in Late 1743: An Unpublished Letter from Deane Swift III. Political, Philosophical, and Literary Issues Ian Higgins, The Australian National University, Canberra Jonathan Swift and the Jacobite Diaspora Arno Löffler, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg „Of Mean ans Great Figures“: Swift an dGreatness Michael De Porte, University of New Hapshire, Durham Riddles, Mysteries, and Lies: Swift and Secrecy Brean S. Hammond, Univeristy of Notthingham Swift’s Reading Heinz J. Vienken, Gernsbach „Nobody has ever written a really good book about Jonathan Swift“: Scouring the Recesses of Swiftian Mind

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