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Iran in the Early Islamic Period

Politics, Culture, Administration and Public Life between the Arab and the Seljuk Conquests, 633-1055


Bertold Spuler

Edited by Robert G. Hoyland, Gwendolin Goldbloom and Berenike Walburg

This book presents a translation of Bertold Spuler’s groundbreaking work on the transformation of Iran from a Persian Zoroastrian Empire to a province of the Arab Muslim Empire to a land divided by a number of Persian and Turkish kingdoms.
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Islamic Cultures, Islamic Contexts

Essays in Honor of Professor Patricia Crone


Edited by Asad Q. Ahmed, Behnam Sadeghi, Robert G. Hoyland and Adam Silverstein

This volume brings together articles on various aspects of the intellectual and social
histories of Islamicate societies and of the traditions and contexts that contributed to their
formation and evolution. Written by leading scholars who span three generations and
who cover such diverse fields as Late Antique Studies, Islamic Studies, Classics, and Jewish
Studies, the volume is a testament to the breadth and to the sustained, deep impact of the
corpus of the honoree, Professor Patricia Crone.

Contributors are: David Abulafia, Asad Q. Ahmed, Karen Bauer, Michael Cooperson, Hannah Cotton, David M. Eisenberg, Khaled El-Rouayheb, Matthew S. Gordon, Gerald Hawting, Judith Herrin, Robert Hoyland, Bella Tendler Krieger, Margaret Larkin, Maria Mavroudi, Christopher Melchert, Pavel Pavlovitch, David Powers, Chase Robinson, Behnam Sadeghi, Adam Silverstein, Devin Stewart, Guy Stroumsa, D. G. Tor, Kevin van Bladel, David J. Wasserstein, Chris Wickam, Joseph Witztum, F. W. Zimmermann