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This study reviews aspects of the history of medicine for women from approximately the third century BCE to the tenth century CE. It focuses on therapies during the months of pregnancy and childbirth as recorded in newly discovered texts, on the developing pharmacopeia, and on ritual procedures. It argues that acupuncture was used only rarely on pregnant women and that many cultural and religious beliefs and practices, including those drawn from the Buddhist, Daoist, and popular traditions, influenced procedures undertaken in preparation for and during the birth process.

In: Medicine for Women in Imperial China
In: Between Command and Market
In: East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine

This paper reviews the various types of Qin legislation found in the documents published so far that were excavated from Well no. 1, Liye, Hunan Province. They provide insight into the actual functioning and application of the law in the context of local administration in China’s first imperial dynasty.

本文回顧了已發表的湖南省里耶 1 號井出土文獻中的各類秦法。它們可以讓人們了解在中國第一帝國時期的地方行政管理中,法律實際上是如何運行和應用的。

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In: Bamboo and Silk


Through an examination of documents from the Qin county of Qianling excavated from Well no. 1, Liye, Hunan Province, and looted documents held by the Yuelu Academy, Hunan University, that were rescued from the Hong Kong antiques market, this paper discusses the ways in which the victorious Qin state treated the enemy that they had defeated in the wars of unification leading to the establishment of the Qin Empire. It also considers how the Qin treated those who resisted the imposition of their rule. It is determined that the Qin categorized these people into three types or groups and applied Qin law to them. It also discusses the establishment of a bureaucratic system through which the Qin tracked down fugitive enemies.

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In: Bamboo and Silk
The Life and Selected Poetry of Wei Chuang (834?–910)
In: Washing Silk