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Plato and the Good

Illuminating the Darkling Vision

Rosemary Desjardins

This book is an original interpretation of Plato’s enigmatic statements about the idea of the Good. Desjardins starts by reconciling two notoriously difficult and different accounts of the dialectical method found in the Philebus and The Republic. She then shows how they are connected to the four forms of god-given mania in the Phaedrus. Desjardins links god-given mania and the dialectical method to the concept of piety in the Euthyphro and to Plato’s defense of Socrates’ piety in the Apology. Desjardins’ interpretation of the idea of the Good that is presented by Plato in words (logoi) and through dramatic action (erga) is compelling and will inspire everyone interested in Plato’s dialogues and the idea of the Good.