The Concept and its Reception


Essays in Jewish Philosophy in the Modern Era

With an introduction by Paul Mendes-Flohr


This volume contains a collection of fifteen essays on Jewish Philosophy. The essays deal with Moses Mendelssohn, Hermann Cohen, Franz Rosenzweig, Martin Buber, Abraham J. Heschel, and Gershom G. Scholem. The book starts with a lucid overview of nineteenth-century Jewish Philosophy; it can be regarded as a companion volume to the author’s Jewish Philosophy in Modern Times. Nathan Rotenstreich (1914-1993) was Professor of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Vice-President of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Spinoza, his Thought and Work

International Institute of Philosophy, Entretiens in Jerusalem, 6-9 September 1977

Edited by Rotenstreich and Schneider

Nathan Rotenstreich