Charles G. Thomas and Roy Doron

Since their inception, African studies have endeavored to dispel the harmful racialized stereotypes of the African people. However, these efforts have been uneven and some aspects of African history have remained immersed in colonial dehumanized tropes. The sub-discipline of African military history has been one such aspect due in part to structural issues involved in its generation. However, with these structural issues slowly being overcome by advances in the discipline, the development of African institutions, and the expansion of historical inquiry, there are now a multitude of African military historical inquiries that might be successfully pursued. In turn, these inquiries will help transform the understanding of African military practices from a racialized discussion of slave raids and massacres to a nuanced examination of a complex socio-political practice.

Edited by Roy Doron and Charles G. Thomas

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The Journal of African Military History (JAMH) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes historical scholarship on war and society in Africa. The journal is particularly interested in exploring the issues of conflict, military and society relations, and social histories of the human experience during wartime. JAMH presents a new outlet in the study of military matters in Africa and the connections between military matters in Africa and the diaspora. This journal is an important new forum for historical researchers to connect their work to the broader fields of African History and Military History.

Volume 2, No. 2 (2018) of JAMH is freely available in its entirety to read online.

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Call for papers
JAMH welcomes submissions from all disciplines that situate the study of the African military experience within a historical context. The themes of these submissions may include (but are not limited to):
● The social construction of the military and warfare in Africa and the diaspora
● The historical arc of colonial and post-colonial militaries in Africa
● The military strategies and tactics of African states and societies
● Comparative construction of militaries in pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial Africa
● Conscription and compulsory military service in the African context, including the historicization of child soldiers
● Gender, militarization, and warfare
● The construction of militarized identities and military service within African societies
● Warfare and technology in sub-Saharan Africa
● Political, economic, and ideological causes and effects of warfare in Africa and the diaspora
● Comparative African military service and slavery in the Atlantic, Trans-Saharan, and Indian Ocean contexts
● African military resistance to colonization
● The African experience in global conflicts
● Global, continental, and regional military exchange in the age of African decolonization
● The historicization of militarized humanitarianism as it applies to the African continent
● The psychological effects, memories, legacies, and representations of African conflicts

JAMH also welcomes submissions for thematic special issues.

Online submission: Articles for publication in the Journal of African Military History can be submitted online through Editorial Manager, please click here.

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