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The empoascan leafhoppers affecting fruit and vegetable plants have been studied from various parts of Pakistan. Apart from recording three species Velu caricae Ghauri, Empoasca punjabensis Pruthi, and Amrasca devastans (Distant), seventeen new species have been described in the present account. The new species are Empoanara ghulami, Empoasca cicerae, Empoasca planata, Empoasca syedi, Empoasca karachiensis, Empoasca bostanensis, Empoasca apodema, Empoasca mardanensis, Empoasca capsicae, Empoasca khaliquei, Austroasca tuberosa, Austroasca jamkandensis, Austroasca viniferae, and Amrasca elongata.

In: Insect Systematics & Evolution