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(a.), mosque, the noun of place from sad̲j̲ada “to prostrate oneself, hence “place where one prostrates oneself [in worship]”. The modern Western European words (Eng. mosque , Fr. mosquée , Ger. Moschee , Ital. moschea ) come ultimately from the Arabic via Spanish mezquita .

in Encyclopaedia of Islam New Edition Online (EI-2 English)

(a.), mosquée, nom de lieu de sad̲j̲ada «se prosterner», d’où «lieu où l’on se prosterne [dans l’exercice du culte]». Les termes employés dans l’Europe occidentale (français mosquée, anglais masque, all. Moschee, ital. moschea) viennent de l’arabe par l’intermédiaire de l’espagnol mezquita.

in Encyclopédie de l'Islam en ligne (EI-2 French)

This paper presents a proof-of-concept platform for demonstrating robotic harvesting of summer- varieties of cauliflower, and early tests performed under laboratory conditions. The platform is designed to be modular and has two dexterous robotic arms with variable-stiffness technology. The bi-manual configuration enables the separation of grasping and cutting behaviours into separate robot manipulators. By exploiting the passive compliance of the variable-stiffness arms, the system can operate with both grasping and cutting tool close to the ground. Multiple 3D vision cameras are used to track the cauliflowers in real-time, and to attempt to assess the maturity. Early experiments with the platform in the laboratory highlight the potential and challenges of the platform.

In: Precision agriculture '19