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In this paper it is suggested that a large subset of Vedic exocentric nominal compounds can best be described by focusing on two semantosyntactic relationships that exist in addition to the first one, viz. the modificative relation an exocentric compound bears to the head noun: A second, external relation which establishes a link between one single member of the compound and the noun the compound modifies as a whole, and a third, internal relation which combines the two members of a compound to form a semantosyntactic unit. For both, internal and external relations, a distinct set of three preferred readings is established which provides a semantosyntactic framework for interpreting these compounds. It is emphasized that a correct interpretation always depends not only on these sets of possible readings, but, most importantly, on the semantics of the compound members and the modified noun as well as on the pragmatics and the context the syntagm occurs in.

In: Indo-Iranian Journal


In this paper we introduce an extended version of the Vedic Treebank (vtb, ) which comes along with revisited and extended annotation guidelines. In order to assess the quality of our annotations as well as the usability and limits of the guidelines we performed an inter-annotator agreement test. The results show that agreement between annotators is hampered by various factors, most prominently by insufficient understanding of the content because of the cultural and temporal gap and incomplete knowledge of Vedic grammar. An in-depth discussion of disagreeing annotations demonstrates that the setup of the workflow, too, has a major influence on inter-annotator agreement. We suggest some measures that can help increase the transparency and annotation consistency according to current knowledge of the language when annotating Vedic Sanskrit, or ancient language varieties in general.

Open Access
In: Old World: Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia