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In: Positive Peace
In: Positive Peace
Author: Sanjay Lal


Though the need for clarifying who the West is at war with has not gone unnoticed in the post 9/11 world, a glaring lack of clarity regarding what, exactly, is being fought against is noticeable even among those leaders (e.g. President Obama) who have taken great pains to avoid creating the impression that Westerners are fighting Islam in their current war efforts. I maintain that such an absence of clarity allows cultural violence to continue unimpeded insofar as it prevents us from noticing important insights that challenge our tendency to readily accept violence and that are therefore essential for realizing a more peaceful world. I will show that a deeper consideration of key questions related to the violence committed on behalf of citizens in the West lead to conclusions that (at the very least) should make us all less willing to regard this violence as morally acceptable—even on the grounds that it is committed to protect innocent life.

In: Peace, Culture, and Violence
In: Peaceful Approaches for a More Peaceful World
Volume Editor: Sanjay Lal
Events in recent times have led many to rightly question the compatibility such traditionally revered concepts as democracy, liberal tolerance, and capitalism have with the realization of social peace. Clearly, it can no longer be uncritically assumed that the values championed by earlier generations are conducive to reaching peaceful outcomes. In Peaceful Approaches for a More Peaceful World, a wide array of scholars explore the challenges presented in the current age to conventional understandings of what is required for peace and provide insights that are both practical and constructive to a world in urgent need of conceiving new ways forward.
In: The Peace of Nature and the Nature of Peace
In: The Peace of Nature and the Nature of Peace