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Secularity and Post-Secularity in Japan: Japanese Scholars’ Responses

Satoko Fujiwara

Japanese universities are currently facing significant challenges that affect the study of religion in Japan in various ways. Against this backdrop, this special issue is a response from a group of Japanese scholars to the inaugural issue of this journal on “Religion and the Secular in the Japanese Context.” Contributors of this issue have chosen concrete, recent cases that appear to be “post-secular”—if based on the conventional (i.e., modern Western) concept of religion—and attempt to explicate the multifaceted dynamics of these cases through further analysis and broader contextualization. This Introduction clarifies their arguments by comparing them with debates on the same topic, in particular the contested border between religion and politics, given by representative Japanese scholars of religion during the 1980s and the 1990s.

Tim Jensen and Satoko Fujiwara

Introduction: What Are the Issues in the 2010s?

An Overview of the Current Study of Religions in Japan

Satoko Fujiwara