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Woodblock-printed Media in Early Modern Japan

Edited by Susanne Formanek and Sepp Linhart

This volume brings together essays discussing various aspects of Japanese illustrated books, some of which were originally included in the German publication Buch und Bild (1995), while others appear here for the first time. Titles include 'The First Japanese Newspapers' (Sepp Linhart), 'The Cooking- and Eating Culture in the Second Half of the Edo-Period and its Dissemination' (Harada Nobuo), 'The Printing of Illustrated Books in Eighteenth-Century Japan' (Shirahata Yozaburo), 'The Socio-Historical Background of the Depiction of Measles' (Hartmund O. Rotermund), 'Documentary Literature in the Late Edo Period' (Stephan Kohn), 'Discourses on Femininity on Edo-Period Sugoroku Games' (Susanne Formanek).