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An Enactment of how Art Psychotherapy and Narrative Therapy shaped Teamwork and Therapeutic Practice in a Community-Based Counselling Service for Young People in Western Sydney

Sheridan Linnell


Sheridan Linnell and Debbie Horsfall


Sheridan Linnell and Janice Ollerton

Embodied Wisdom in the Creative Arts Therapies

Learning from Contemporary Art


Joy Paton and Sheridan Linnell

Where Knowing and Not Knowing Touch

Contemporary Art as a Mode of Research, Subjective Transformation and Social Engagement

Sheridan Linnell, Suzanne Perry, Josephine Pretorius and Jill Westwood

Andrea Gilroy, Sheridan Linnell, Tarquam McKenna and Jill Westwood

Art Therapy in Australia

Taking a Postcolonial, Aesthetic Turn

Edited by Andrea J. Gilroy, Sheridan Linnell, Tarquam McKenna and Jill Westwood

Art Therapy in Australia: Taking a Postcolonial, Aesthetic Turn explores and enacts established and emergent art therapy histories, narratives and practices in the specific postcolonial context of contemporary Australia. It is the first published book to attempt to map this terrain. In doing so, the book aims to document important aspects of art therapy in Australia, including how Australian approaches both reiterate and challenge the dominant discourse of art therapy. This book is as much a performance as an account of the potential of art therapy to honour alterity, illuminate possibilities and bear witness to the intrapsychic, relational and social realms. The book offers a selective window into the rambling assemblage that is art therapy in the ‘Great Southern Land’.

Contributors are: Jan Allen, Bronwyn Davies, Claire Edwards, Nicolette Eisdell, Patricia Fenner, John Henzell, Pam Johnston, Lynn Kapitan, Carmen Lawson, Sheridan Linnell, Tarquam McKenna, Michelle Moss, Suzanne Perry, Josephine Pretorius, Jean Rumbold, Victoria Schnaedelbach, Lilian Tan, Jody Thomson, Jill Westwood, Amanda Woodford, and Davina Woods.