Hyunyong Shin and Inki Han

The Korean curriculum of school mathematics consists of two phases. The first phase (1–10) is compulsory and the second (11–12) is selective. The compulsory phase and selective phase of the 7th curriculum were revamped and announced officially in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Based on the revised curriculum, several authors have begun developing textbooks and workbooks. The books for grade 1 (first grade of primary school), grade 7 (first grade of junior high school), and grade 10 (first grade of senior high school) are to be used from 2009.

In this paper, a brief overview on the Korean curriculum of school mathematics is first introduced and followed by a short discussion of the 7th curriculum. Ability grouping is presented as the central focus in the discussion. Also introduced are criticisms on the 7th curriculum, in particular criticisms on ability grouping. Next, we illustrate some features of the revised compulsory curriculum, followed by a brief look at the contents of the selective phase. At the end of the paper several suggestions are provided for the future curriculum.