Edited by Shivu Ishiwara

Need support prior to submitting your manuscript? Make the process of preparing and submitting a manuscript easier with Brill's suite of author services, an online platform that connects academics seeking support for their work with specialized experts who can help. International Journal of Comparative Sociology online As of 2002 International Journal of Comparative Sociology is replaced by Comparative Sociology International Journal of Comparative Sociology (IJCS), founded in 1961 by K. Ishwaran, Professor Emeritus, presents a detailed and scholarly account of studies made in different cultures and societies, with the aim of reaching a common level of abstraction. IJCS is not restricted to sociology. The mandate of the journal is interdisciplinary, welcoming contributions by criminologists, political scientists, economists, anthropologists, psychiatrists, and other related social scientists. A selection of intriguing articles in combination with research communications and an extensive book review section, offers a wide sample of current and innovative research in the field of comparative social sciences. Topics found in the 42 volumes cover everything from Alienation to Zar cult, representing diverse nations from Australia to Zanzibar. Comparativists from the international community of scholars are invited by the editor of the journal, as Guest Editors, to organize a special issue on a theme related to their area of expertise. For backissues or -volumes older than 2 years, please contact info@desitterpublications.com.