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Author: Sigrun Haude

The Thirty Years’ War led to enormous devastation, but it also induced widespread movement and led to encounters of people with different faiths and mindsets. Accounts of members of religious orders in Bavaria note not only brutality but also curiosity and exchange of knowledge in these meetings of people from diverse countries and cultures. Their stories attest that, in some cases, religious stereotypes could recede and provide space for new ways of seeing and knowing.

In: Daphnis
In: Rethinking Europe
In: Rethinking Europe
Anabaptist Münster and the German Reformation during the 1530s
Author: Sigrun Haude
This book examines the multifaceted reactions of political and religious leaders to the Anabaptist reign in Münster (1534-1535). It takes as its point of departure Protestant Strasbourg, Catholic Cologne, as well as the Rhineland, and then broadens the perspective to imperial estates and the empire. The author analyzes the representations of the Münsterites and juxtaposes the fierce language with the actions that were taken to eliminate the Anabaptist menace at home and in Münster.
The book is particularly important for scholars of Catholic Reform, of the empire and of confessionalization, of Cologne and Strasbourg, and of Anabaptism.
In: Coping with Life during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648)