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In: Cultural Property Crime

A morphological and biometric study of gazelle horn cores and bones from Late Pleistocene archaeo-faunal assemblages in northern Israel is presented. Comparison between the latter and modern Gazella gazella indicates that this was the only species of gazelle represented.

In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution

Mandibular dental eruption ages are given for the Israeli gazelles Gazella gazella, G. dorcas and their hybrids, based on skulls of known age. This information was used to deduce the approximate ages of epiphyseal closure for a collection of juvenile and young-adult skeletons of G. gazella recovered from the wild.

In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution
The Urban Context of Conflict and Mass Destruction
A crucial collection of new insights into a topic too often ignored in military history: the close interrelationship between cities and warfare throughout modern history. Scenes of Aleppo’s war-torn streets may be shocking to the world’s majority urban population, but such destruction would be familiar to urban dwellers as early as the third millennium BCE. While war is often narrated as a clash of empires, nation-states, and ‘civilizations’, cities have been the strategic targets of military campaigns, to be conquered, destroyed, or occupied. Cities have likewise been shaped by war, whether transformed for the purposes of military production, reconstructed after bombardment, or renewed as sites for remembering the costs of war. This conference volume draws on the latest research in military and urban history to understand the critical intersection between war and cities.