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Josef Albo (um 1380-1444)

Jüdische Philosophie und christliche Kontroverstheologie in der Frühen Neuzeit


Sina Rauschenbach

Josef Albo (around 1380-1444) is considered to be the last Jewish Philosopher of the Middle Ages. Following the basic ideas of Maimonides he writes his Sefer ha-iqqarim, his Book of Principles, in the interval between the Tortosa Disputation and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain with the intention to strengthen his correligionists against Christian attacks. In Early Modem Times the book becomes an important source for Christian Hebraists in theological discussions.
Sina Rauschenbach's book is the first detailed monography on Josef Albo. Moreover, the Christian reception of the Sefer ha-iqqarim is analyzed here for the first time. Due to its interdisciplinary approaches the book is of particular value for both scholars of philosophy and Jewish Studies as well as theology and history.

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