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A Journal in Interdisciplinary Research
Editor-in-Chief: Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover
The editorial board of Transcultural Studies: A Journal in Interdisciplinary Research welcomes contributions into literatures and cultures in the context of new methodologies in cultural theory, aesthetics, philosophy or political thought. The principle of ‘transculture’ which the journal promotes, refers to scholarly inquiry which ideally transcends ‘national borders’ and purely regional concerns in order to speak in a generalized language of critique shared by a universal community of thinkers and academics.

All articles should contribute to the scholarly debate through original research and a theoretical grounding. Contributions from a comparative perspective will also be considered.
The editorial board will plan and advertise specific thematic issues and oversee the refereeing process. Guest editors are welcome to propose topics for an issue or part issue.

Transcultural Studies was originally conceived as a platform for transcultural – post-structural – thought in Russia and Eastern Europe. Post-structuralism was introduced to the Soviet Russian academic scene in the 1980s by the late Georgian philosopher, Merab Mamardashvili. Since the journal’s inception in 2006, the scope of the journal has gradually been enlarged.

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In: The Dostoevsky Journal

This article questions the received view of Dostoevsky’s “pochva” and “Russianness” as reactionary tendencies of Dostoevsky’s ideology. Instead, it reexamines these concepts as metaphors which form part of a phenomenology of subjectivity going back to Hegel’s phenomenology of identity as difference. The starting point for this re-examination is a brief critique of Andzej de Lazari’s book V krugu Fyodora Dostoevskogo: Pochvenichestvo. A supporting analysis of The Possessed as an elaboration of the claims about Dostoevsky’s pochvenichestvo made in this paper, follows as Part II.

In: The Dostoevsky Journal
In: The Dostoevsky Journal