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Author: Smith
Studies in the History of Religions
Author: Smith
Editor: Smith
With the resurgence of ethnic nationalism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, the need to bring the study of ethnicity and nationalism more closely together has become even plainer. The views expressed here represent several of the main lines of enquiry in the current study of ethnicity and nationalism.
Anthony D. Smith, 'Ethnicity and Nationalism.'
James Mayall and Mark Simpson, 'Ethnicity is not Enough: Reflections on Protracted Secessionism in the Third World.'
Sammy Smooha and Theodor Hanf, 'The Diverse Modes of Conflict Regulation in Deeply Divided Societies.'
Walker Connor, 'The Nation and its Myth.'
Anthony D. Smith, Nationalism and the Historians.'
Sylvia Walby, 'Women and Nation.'
John Hutchinson, 'Moral Innovators and the Politics of Regeneration: the Distinctive Role of Cultural Nationalists in Nation Building.'
Donald L. Horowitz, 'Irredentas and Secessions: Adjacent Phenomena, Neglected Connections.'