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This photo-essay presents a journey into the musical underground of Seoul. It explores the intersections of patriotism, globalization, and cosmopolitanism in the Korean punk scene. Skinheads oscillate between reclusive nationalism and a more encompassing global outlook. Rather than resolving the ideological contradiction implied, in their music, lyrics as well as their provocative poses they refuse to be contained by a singular ideology. Instead, their self-respect is built on being both part of a global history of a youth subculture as well as on being Korean.

In: Cosmopatriots
This annual series provides up-to-date information on the politics, economy and society of both South and North Korea.
Each volume is structured as follows: The first part offers the reader an up-to-date analysis and commentary on the following topics:
"Domestic Politics and the Economy in South Korea",
"Domestic Politics and the Economy in North Korea",
"Relations between the two Koreas", and
"Foreign Relations of the two Koreas".
A detailed chronology of relevant events in the year preceding publication complements this first part.
The second part consists of some eight to ten refereed, original articles with contributions on contemporary Korean affairs in fields such as politics, economy and society.
For regular and professional observers of Korea in business, politics, the media and academia, this book series is an indispensable resource both for keeping track of developments, and for gathering new insights.

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