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Author: Steve Bevans
Essays in Contextual Theology is a collection of essays that reflect on the doing of contextual theology from several perspectives. After a general introductory essay, subsequent essays reflect on topics such as contextual theology and prophetic dialogue, criteria for orthodoxy, the nature of tradition, the role of culture, the dynamics of conversion, and the way theology is being done in World Christianity. The collection closes with an autobiographical essay tracing the author’s journey to becoming a “global theologian.”
The peer-reviewed series Theology and Mission in World Christianity treats theology, mission, and the interface between them in view of the development of world Christianity. That is, it understands Christianity as a world religion which is globally widespread, locally rooted and interconnected. Furthermore, it recognises the shift in the centre of gravity of Christianity so that Christian communities and mission movements are increasingly in and from Latin America, Africa, Asia and other regions outside the West. The series welcomes scholarly monographs, edited volumes, and outstanding dissertations on contextual and inter-cultural theologies, mission theology, and historical and practical questions relating to mission and Christianity worldwide. It invites studies of Christian doctrine and witness from varied contexts, especially in view of religious plurality, secularization and socio-economic inequality, and research on the impact of churches, their teaching and mission activities, locally and globally. The series deals with the challenges of Christian diversity and migration movements by encouraging international, interconfessional and interdisciplinary approaches, recognising the multi-directional and boundary-crossing nature of mission and theological exchange. The Series Editors work closely with the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS), for whose journal Mission Studies this book series also functions as a supplement series.

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