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Instrumental in War

Science, Research, and Instruments Between Knowledge and the World

Edited by Steven Walton

Scientific research and instrumentation are crucial for military action today but they have not always been so. This collection investigates 500 years of the relationship between warfare, research, and instruments – both physical and intellectual – to understand this interaction. With U.S., English and French examples, contributors provide examples from army and naval history to show how governments and individuals made warfare scientific, developing instruments, stations, and organizations that furthered the cause. Some developments directly aided war efforts; others were parts of ‘normal science’ in peacetime; and others were relatively ineffective in directly bringing about military change. These developmental histories shed light on the origins of modern scientific warfare.

Contributors: Steven A. Walton; William A. Lynch; Jamel Ostwald; Seymour H. Mauskopf ; James R. Fleming; Gerard P. Scharfenberger; William M. McBride; David Alan Grier; Sebastien Soubiran; Kenton Kroker; Deborah J. Warner; Peter Galison.
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Steven A. Walton

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The Journal of the History of Military Technology

Vulcan solicits papers for a theme issue on “technological determinism(s) in military history” for Volume 7 (2019). Details can be found here.

Read the editorial by new editor, Professor Steven A. Walton, from Vulcan vol. 5: here.

Vulcan is a peer-reviewed, international, interdisciplinary journal which aims to cover all aspects of the social and cultural contexts of military invention and innovation. It focuses on questions such as: how do the social and cultural environments within the military itself or in the larger society affect military technological change? How does changing military technology affect other aspects of society and culture? Articles should address military technology as both agent and object of social change.

Online submission: Articles for publication in Vulcan can be submitted online through Editorial Manager, please click here

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