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Evidence of old Georgian, the only written language in the South Caucasian family for many centuries, presents us with a unique source of knowledge for this region; history, law, religion. This dictionary of old-Georgian by Professors Fähnrich and Sardshweladse (†) fills a long-felt hiatus and opens up for the first time the lexicon of its first seven centuries, viz. the 4th to the 11th centuries A.D.
The explanatory language is German. All old Georgian words and word meanings are accompanied by ample evidence from the texts themselves, the result of painstaking research over many decades. A must for specialists in the region, its language and history.
The dictionary offers a complete compilation and a historical-comparative reflection of the hereditary lexis of the Kartvelian (South Caucasian) language family. It represents the latest stage of etymological research, contains a wealth of new lexical entries, corrections of earlier attempts and new reconstructions. The introduction provides a survey of general data of the four Kartvelian languages (Georgian, Mingrelian, Laz, Svan), characterizes the historical-comparative research in short and provides a detailed description of the system of regular phoneme correspondences. The main chapter presents the Kartvelian lexis in separate entries. The reconstructed forms of the root- and affix morphemes are listed in alphabetical order followed by instances of the Kartvelian languages. Each entry covers the phonological development of the lexical item from its original form to its present state and is supplemented by references.