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This paper seeks to locate globality in Basel’s urban society during the emergence of capitalism (1670–1780). It seeks to globalize patrimonial historiography and local history by “inverting the telescope” as micro-historians have suggested. It analyzes how the leading actors in a Swiss city situated on the borders of France and the Holy Roman Empire participated in the new capitalism and positioned their society within a new global geography increasingly shaped by an Atlantic beyond the empires. To do so, it asks how the city’s cosmopolitan elite bonded locally and acted globally in times of accelerated economic and social transformation. Exploring people who capitalized social, economic, and political borders deepens our understanding of the multi-layered process of early globalization and contributes to the new history of capitalism. The micro-global focus on Basel’s specific locality illuminates the conceptual potential for global history in the nexus between war capitalism and global capitalism.

In: Journal of Early Modern History
Connected Histories of Places, Processes, and Objects in Europe and Beyond, 1450–1650
This book explores the dynamic relationships between sites, peoples, objects, and images during the first age of globalization in early modern Europe. It investigates interactions, interconnections, and entanglements on both micro and macro levels, and aims to understand the specific dynamics of processes of translocal and transcultural intersection. Linking global perspectives with the history of material culture, Sites of Mediation highlights the potential of objects, artefacts, and things to connect (urban) cultures and imaginaries. Individual chapters focus on a number of European cities, which all operated on different levels of global and interregional connections and are presented here as sites of connectivity, encounters, and exchange.

Contributors are: Tina Asmussen, Nadia Baadj, Benedikt Bego-Ghina, Davina Benkert, Daniela Bleichmar, Susanna Burghartz, Lucas Burkart, Christine Göttler, Franziska Hilfiker, Nicolai Kölmel, Ivo Raband, Jennifer Rabe, Antonella Romano, Michael Schaffner, Sarah-Maria Schober, Claudia Swan, and Stefanie Wyssenbach.

In: Sites of Mediation
In: Sites of Mediation
In: Sites of Mediation