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Stratégies politiques et parcours individuels à l'Université de Paris (1370-1458)
Author: Thierry Kouamé
This volume describes the world of Parisian students as exemplified by the Collège de Dormans-Beauvais between 1370 and 1458. The prosopography of this institution is based on an examination of hitherto unused archives: the account books of the college.
The first chapter describes how this medieval foundation was transformed by the middle of the 15th century into a teaching institution which foreshadowed the modern college structure.
The three following chapters present a sociological analysis of this community, concentrating on the background, training and careers of the fellows.
The volume also contains a first critical edition of the statutes of the foundation, and biographies of the 357 fellows and 6 patrons of the college during this period.
L’écolâtre cathédral en France septentrionale du ixe au xiiie siècle
Author: Thierry Kouamé
This book traces the history of one of the central actors in the transformation of the Western educational system between the 9th and 13th centuries: the cathedral schoolmaster. Originally responsible for running the episcopal school, this ecclesiastical official eventually became a true school administrator with a territorial monopoly and coercive powers, including in particular issuing ‘licentia docendi’ to masters under his jurisdiction. Using a wide range of sources and taking in thirty-nine dioceses in northern France, the study analyses the construction of the office from the Carolingian period, the place of the schoolmaster within the canonical community and in feudal society, and the institutionalisation of his function with the Gregorian Reform and the birth of universities.
In: A Companion to Twelfth-Century Schools