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In: The Locus of Tragedy
Ask for the tragic and Europe will answer.

Leaving behind the philosophers’ enthusiasm of the nineteenth century, ‘tragedy’ and ‘the tragic’ now seem little more than vague containers. However, it appears that we still discover a tragic essence in our personal lives. Time and again tragedy is being registered, written down and staged.

This book wants to open a contemporary philosophical perspective on the tragic. What is the locus of tragedy? Does it relate to metaphysics, the gods, destiny, and chance? Or is it a matter of ethics, of the Law and its transgression? Does man himself occupy the locus of tragedy, because of his unreasonable and boundless desires, as many philosophers have suggested? Is man today still able to account for his tragic condition? Or do we locate the tragic first and foremost in the esthetic imagination? Is not the theatrical genre of tragedy the locus authenticus of all things tragic? Is there more to the tragic than drama and play?


This paper outlines the genesis of the cinema-concert program database of the Belgian movie theatre Cinema Zoologie (1915–1936) deposited in the dans repository. First, it provides a detailed account of the historical sources and the data collection process. Second, it explains the structure of the database and the coding that was used to enter the data. Finally, the strengths and weaknesses of the database are discussed and its potential for future research is highlighted.

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In: Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences