Author: Tien
In: Faits de Langues


Perinatal experience is posited as generative of psychogenesis: the psychological birth of the infant. The process involves a sentient human being rather than a nonconscious tabula rasa fetus. That birth experience is only traumatic is reductionist. The origins of positively colored affects as well as sexual feelings and even ecstasy may be intrauterine. The importance and complexity of the birth experience can better be described in terms of phases of being that parallel the physical stages of labor. These phases are immanence, obstruence, descendence, experience, ascendence, emergence, and transcendence. Each of these phases encompasses a unique state and dynamic process. Birth as such is shown to be a rich multidimensional experience that is also transformative.

In: Journal of Phenomenological Psychology
Author: Tien-Hui Chiang


The global market gives nation-states no choice but to be subject to its rules. As a result, they need to modify themselves to meet its requirements in order to gain access to the considerable amount of capitalist profit available. This adjustment is manifested in their higher education policies, as witnessed by the fact that many countries have been enlarging their higher education capacity in order to cultivate more human capital. This functions as a critical element in enhancing their international competitiveness in the global market. As Taiwan is a key member of this market, the above relationship is significant in the Taiwanese context. However, although globalization exercises a profound influence on higher education policy in a society such as Taiwan, social culture also plays a role in conditioning such policy. This essay argues that the significant expansion in the Taiwanese higher education system has occurred as a result of a combination of globalization and Chinese-culture.

In: International Journal of Chinese Education