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The role of national, representative Muslim councils in Western Europe has become a matter of scholarly interest. The creation of national Islamic councils is part of the legal, political and structural incorporation of immigrant religious traditions into Europe. The aim of this chapter is to describe the organization process of the Islamic Council of Finland (in Finnish, Suomen Islamilainen Neuvosto, abbreviation sine) that took place from 2004 to 2007. It discusses the roles of church–state relations and an emerging neoliberal governance of religion in the organization process. The chapter starts with a brief presentation of Muslims and state regulation of religion in Finland. Then it looks at the founding process of sine. Next, it analyses this process by looking at the creation of political opportunity structures, Muslims’ resource mobilization and the securitization of Islam as explanations. Finally, it concludes that the founding of sine sits well among broader trends in public administration that are related to changes in the Finnish welfare state and cannot be understood solely in the framework of historical state–church relations.

In: Muslims at the Margins of Europe
In Religion, Migration, Settlement, Tuomas Martikainen provides an account of the impact of immigration on the field of religion in Finland since the 1990s. As a historical country of emigration that has turned into one of immigration, Finland provides an illuminating case study of the complexities of post-Cold War migration. The book analyses processes of migrant settlement from the viewpoint of religious organisations by applying theoretical perspectives to immigrant integration, global-local dynamics, governance of religious diversity, processes of migrant settlement and structural adaptation. The book is of relevance to those grappling with the impact of international migration on contemporary religious developments.
In: Religion, Migration, Settlement
In: Religion, Migration, Settlement
In: Religion, Migration, Settlement