Editor: Vajpeyi
This volume of ten essays on Modernizing China discusses crucial issues on: China's economic policies, State-Church relationship, environmental problems, the Four Modernizations, the role of new economic zones, China's perception of external threats, the role of intellectuals, the status of art policy, and the rights of women in society. These essays examine changes taking place in modern China. Will these changes lead to a pluralistic, less-oppressive open society or will they strengthen the hardliners in consolidating their power? What about the future of China after Deng? The volume attempts to generate intellectual debate on these issues.

Contributors are Cheryl L. Brown, Paul Chao, Chu-Yuan Cheng, NarNarayan Das, Steven Haverkamp, Ouyang Kang, Arthur Mu-sen Kao, James T. Myers, Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi, Ranbir Vohra, and Taifa Yu.
Editors: Vajpeyi and Malik
In: Journal of Asian and African Studies


Admired by her supporters and criticized by her opponents, Indira Gandhi presided over the most eventful years of politics in an independent India. During her regime, India made an impressive technological and industrial breakthrough, achieved self-sufficiency in food production and entered a period of social revolution. Despite the impressive achievements of her regime, these critical years also witnessed increased polarization within society and an unprecedented increase in social violence leading to an enhancement of the repressive capabilities of the state.

In: Journal of Asian and African Studies