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International law is archipelagic. Alongside “islands” of effective international law, you find offshore zones in which law is either undeveloped or manifestly ineffective or in which different norms, different arrangements and even unrestrained “political” factors are operating. Lawyers who work in these zones, whether on behalf of State and non-State actors, require different modes of thinking. They must be able to locate themselves in unstable decision processesby deploying appropriate legal tools and mapping schema; to identify the factors influencing decision, distinguishing the operative from the mythic ones; to project possible decisions and assess the extent they contribute to minimum and optimum order and, if they do not, to invent feasible alternative decisions. Michael Reisman describes the world international law is attached to and sets out a theory about law that enables the international lawyer to identify the common interest in its many zones and to work towards achieving a world public order of human dignity.
In: Baltic Yearbook of International Law Online
Series Editor:
From the earliest days of the republic, American international legal scholars have produced a rich and comparably varied corpus of scholarship. Much of it has provoked significant innovations in international politics and all of it provides insights into American conceptions of international law and, for better or worse, the distinctive role many of the scholars believed the United States plays – or should play – in the international legal system. The American Classics in International Law series is intended to explore that literature.

The series will present a number of thematic volumes of classic American articles on international law which are reproduced and discussed by eminent scholars in their respective fields.
In: Contemporary Issues in International Arbitration and Mediation: The Fordham Papers (2009)
In: Resolving Conflicts in the Law
In: Liber Amicorum Ibrahim F.I. Shihata
In: State Responsibility and the Individual
In: Contemporary Issues in International Arbitration and Mediation: The Fordham Papers (2008)