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The article presents aims, methods and first results of a project involving three educational universities in Switzerland and Germany. Our focus of interest is the longitudinal analysis of teaching competences from the beginning up to the end of teacher training. We test the teaching competences of a sample of student teachers at the beginning of the training and trace the development of their competences over the three-year period of their study. Methodologically, our study is based on Oser’s professional standards, as well as on the four dimensions ‘subject knowledge’, ‘diagnostic knowledge’, ‘didactical knowledge’, and ‘classroom management knowledge’, which have been framed as crucial competences for teachers. A combination of the following different instruments was used to investigate how teaching competences develop during teacher training: (1) questionnaires for teacher students and expert teachers, (2) vignettes, (3) a so-called «video test», and (4) video analyses of school lessons. According to this goal, the relationship between students’ subjective ratings of their competences and standardized data from observations and tests are compared to investigate the relationship between subjective rating data from students and standardized data from observations and tests. Our study aims at the development of complex teacher knowledge in order to foster the acquisition of professional teacher competences in pre-service teacher training.

In: Teachers' Professional Development