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In: Text Comparison and Digital Creativity
In: Congress Volume Stellenbosch 2016
In: Conservatism and Innovation in the Hebrew Language of the Hellenistic Period
In: Hebrew of the Late Second Temple Period
In: Text, Translation, and Tradition
In: Congress Volume Stellenbosch 2016
In: Isaiah in Context


This paper discusses some of the issues that will be analysed within the framework of the CALAP project; such as syndesis and asyndesis, object constructions, renderings of the Hebrew construct state, nominal clause patterns and others. The following questions are addressed: How can a computer-based analysis add to our knowledge of the Syriac language based on ‘traditional’ grammars like that of Nöldeke? What paramaters have to be taken into account in an analysis of, for example, object constructions, and which of these paramaters can be isolated and analysed with the help of the computer? Can we make a sharp distinction between an ‘intuitive’ and a ‘systematic’ approach of the data, or will our computer-based analysis still be dependent on ‘intuitive’ decisions about what and how we should investigate?

In: Bible and Computer
In: Corpus Linguistics and Textual History
In: Corpus Linguistics and Textual History