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Intercultural Trade, Commercial Litigation, and Legal Pluralism
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The book series Mediterranean Reconfigurations is devoted to the analyses of historical change in the Mediterranean over a long period (15th - 19th centuries), challenging totalizing narratives that “Westernize” Mediterranean history as having led naturally to European domination in the 19th and 20th centuries. In reality, the encounters of Muslim, Jewish, Armenian and Protestant merchants and sailors with legal customs and judicial practices different from their own gave rise to legal and cultural creativity throughout the Mediterranean. Through the prism of commercial litigation, the series thus offers a more accurate and deeper understanding of the practices of intercultural trade, in a context profoundly shaped by legal pluralism and multiple and overlapping spaces of jurisdiction. Comparative case studies offer empirically-based indicators for both regional and more general processes, here called "Mediterranean reconfigurations", e.g. the changing interplay and positioning of individual and institutional actors on different levels in a variety of commercial and legal contexts.

Les grandes controverses historiographiques se sont généralement déroulées sur plusieurs fronts. L’article essaie de replacer les débats actuels dans le contexte et l’horizon de différentes expériences de recherche afin de dégager leur apport théorique et empirique. En envisageant surtout les rapports controversés entre histoire sociale et anthropologie historique, il cherche à dégager les récurrences qui le lient à d’autres débats dont les moments forts autour de 1800 et de 1900 reflètent des crises aux connotations politiques mais aussi aux conséquences épistémologiques évidentes.

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