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L'empire des Arsacides

(Textes et Mémoires, 18)


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Andrzej Wolski and Thomas J. Henry

The New World species of the genus Peritropis are revised, and 17 new species are described: P. amazonica, P. amphicyrta, P. carpinteroi, P. carvalhoi, P. conspersa, P. cornata, P. gorczycai, P. guarani, P. izyai, P. marmorea, P. nicaraguensis. P. plaumanni, P. schaffneri, P. scutellata, P. stobieckii, P. turrialba and P. venezuelaensis. All previously known species from the New World (P. husseyi Knight, P. saldaeformis Uhler, and P. tuberculata McAtee and Malloch) are redescribed, except P. unicolor Carvalho and Rosas for which an English translation of the original description is provided. Illustrations of the male genitalia, a color photograph of the adult of each species, scanning electron micrographs of selected structures of Peritropis husseyi, P. saldaeformis and P. turrialba, and a key to species are provided.