Author: Xia Feng

Started as an undefined US military project to the current global network, the Internet has been developing and improved at an amazing speed, which also brought out enormous challenges to the traditional way of life worldwide. By analyzing the features of the Internet, this paper reveals the impacts of the Internet on jurisdictional principles applied in traditional international civil and commercial cases and aims to apply traditional rules under the new environment of the Internet. In addition, by referring to the international uniform legislation and from the US judicial theories and practices, this paper also brings out reflections and suggestions regarding this issue.

In: Frontiers of Law in China
Authors: Yun-Xia Feng and Jun Liu

Since managers and employees play unequal roles in organizations, they have different perceptions regarding managerial practices. Understanding such differences and investigating the underlying causes help improve business administration and motivate organizational members. Employing data obtained from a sample of large SOEs (state owned enterprises), this study evaluates disagreement between managers and employees in terms of their perception of organizational justice. Plausible causes of the disagreement and managerial implications are offered.

In: Frontiers of Business Research in China